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Holiday + Short-Term Membership

Visitors staying in the area are welcome to play at Bourton on one of our special short-term membership deals:

Pay & Play Membership: £10 per hour

1 Month Holiday Membership: £25 per adult, £10 per junior or £50 for a family of 4

To register, pay and for more information please contact

Tim Hull - 07871 161675

Jacky Harding - 07736 745798

who will book a court for Pay & Play members and give you the code to access the court which is to be used only for the hourly session that has been booked.

Please note:

1. Visitors' use of the courts and car park is at their own risk

2. Visitors must abide by the Club's clothing, etiquette and other rules as set out on this website

3. Pay & Play Membership does not provide access to either clubhouse or floodlights

4. Tubes of tennis balls are available to purchase from Tim Hull  above at £8 per can of 4 balls.  Racquets can be hired for £5 an hour per racquet - also from Tim.  

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